What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Being A Florist?

If you have decided to choose your major or your career path as a florist and you have a few concerns, this situation is quite normal. You will find many florists at groceries, department of flowers and even in normal florist shops. These individuals work with the client and takes order for various events such as weddings, funerals or even birthdays. Some people will just want to buy it on the spot for their loved ones. For those individuals who have an eye for designs, then you should also be looking into the new trends and settings for designs, which will be beneficial for your business.


In majority of cases, one does not have to have completed and obtained a degree. A high school diploma or little or even no experience is fine as long as you have the right attitude for the job. If you want to become a wedding florist Armadale, then do not worry because you are not expected to have a lot of knowledge about it before you start.

As an artistic person you should be working with a lot of flowers and feel satisfied once you are done making your own little piece of art whether it is a natural or artificial flower arrangement.

Some individuals will go through an online program, which will give the qualifications of a certified designer of flowers. This will help you learn the basics and add another accomplishment in your resume.


Unless you actually own your own store, you will not be making a lot of money per month. This all depends on the state that you live in. Certain crockery stores will pay you better than a florist store itself. As you go along the career path, one will be able to make a better salary.

It can be stressful at times especially when you have a special and long order. The florist business becomes very busy during the periods of Christmas, Valentines’ Day and Mother’s Day as well. Unplanned orders will be for funeral and birthdays. Even though you have a creative portal to let our your designs, you might however need to find another channel your stress out from another way.

If you are looking for advancement in this career, there might be limited opportunities; you will be able to be promoted as someone who will be in charge of running the shop on your own. There are no advanced designation titles or increase in salaries unless the business expands.

Good luck with your career and hope that you will be able to open your own florist store if that is what you want!