How To Throw A Cocktail Party On A Planned Budget?

Are you planning for your next cocktail party? But do you have a tight budget? Here are 6 ways that will help you to throw a cocktail party on budget!

Think about the guest list first – You may have lots of friends, relatives, neighbours and you wish to invite them to the cocktail party, but you have a tight budget. Spending more means to fall in more trouble. So, it is recommended to set your guest list as per your budget.

Choose the venue – And this will also help you to choose your great party venue. If this cocktail party is for celebrating your engagement, you can choose engagement party venues that are perfect for such a party. A pub or a bristo is perfect for such a party.

You can also choose a Docklands waterfront restaurants that will give you easy access to bars. There are such restaurants in Melbourne that offer unique Harbour view along with cool wines and mouthwatering menus. 

Decide the Menu- Menu for the party is a vital point to think about. Set the menu as per the likes and dislikes of your invitees. A seating arrangement for the cocktail party’s feast is usually not done. That is why plan to give your guests some light appetizers. And try to include finger sized foods. If you are throwing the party at your home, you can purchase party trays which will help you distribute foods without any problem. You can also get some ideas from your neighbours, relatives or from those people who throw a cocktail party each year.

Do you want to make it a theme party? Theme based parties are common in the present times. Decide the theme of your cocktail party beforehand. If you are confused, then discuss about the party’s theme with your guests.

What about Invitations? A card for inviting your guests to the cocktail party will be bad for your budget. You can call them or send them an invitation on distinct social networking sites. Even you can email them.

Music is perfect for a cocktail party – A cocktail party without music is lifeless. To put the party animals on the dance floor, turn on the music on a high volume. Choose party songs that will impress your guests. Soft music may not be suitable in this situation.

Don’t forget the cocktails – The cocktails are a must for a cocktail party. Select the liquor of famous brands and not cheap brands. Serve your guests with punch, wine, beer in a cocktail party.