The Meeting Of Two Souls As One

Love is an emotion which every one of us feel very deeply. It’s not just an emotion it’s an emotion which makes you arrive at major steps in your life to give you experience and knowledge. Love can always be a turning point in one’s life as it whirls the person’s life to another direction with enhanced level of other emotions such as happiness, sadness, anger and other smaller emotions. In the end we meet the one person that we have being looking for all our lives. The person who is capable of understanding your feelings and judgments, a person who respects and a person who is willing to go through the worst of days no matter how hard or easier it may become in the end. When you do find such a person you would want to live the rest your lives together. So what everyone would do is tie the knot and put a ring on each other and make it official, and this special day is known to be as marriage day.

The life further on

We may have the best of food, clothing and pretty settings, yet no matter how much special this day is to the newly wedded couple, it’s just not the most special day in life. The merriest and miraculous event that’s going to be happening after a marriage is giving birth to your own blood and flesh, your own baby. The birthing of a new life to the world. This would not just be a special to the two parents but also to the others in the family as well as it’s a new member to the family tree. 

Now a special event that occurs during the days the woman is pregnant is known as a baby shower. A baby shower is normally a party thrown out for the woman who is turning up to be a mother who is going to give birth to her first child. This is a party where only women are invited and where food is available and everyone brings baby related gifts. For this party to be held there are various baby shower venues Melbourne even. Giving a baby shower to a pregnant mother is a very important incident for the mother both physically and mentally. As there would be people who have gone through this stage advising and communicating with her and also there would be a lot of fun activities this pregnant mother could take part in.

The most miraculous moment

Without doubt the most miraculous moment in one’s life would be when they are receiving their baby. The mother goes through labor and is normally take to a hospital where the baby is given birth to. Normally the father would be also present when the baby is given birth to. It would be the one of the happiest moment the couple would go through.